100 kms for 100 kids

100km for 100kids logo (on light)

Introduction to 100 kms for 100 kids

While walking through the African desert on the most amazing Camel Safari, organised by Michelle Richmond as one of her emersion safari’s, I had an idea!

An idea that was going to raise funds for children across the world.

As a group during the morning we were not allowed to talk we had to a walking mediation.

The idea popped into my head, just the words 100k for 100 kids downloaded.  I had no idea what this meant, but it felt right so I walked for this letting it sinks and mull over in head.

My brain was thinking if I could raise $100,000 then I could help 100 kids, simple! But how was I going to do this? Then like a lightening bolt it hit me

100 kms for 100 kids

I love walking but what if I could get others join me.  What if I could get a group of people together to walk with me 10 People to walk 100 kms over 10 days, but what if I could get 100 people all walking 100 kms and each raising $1000 each, that would raise $100,000 and with the money we could help 100 kids.

Being a board member of the Michelle Richmond Foundation  the kids I primarily had in mind was the kids of the Kipchamgaa Children’s Home in Kenya.  We currently have 55 kids in the home, and growing every day but as time has gone on, I want to be able to help Australia Kids too.  So we are looking for an Australian Children’s Charity who would like to partner with us.

100 kms for 100 kids will run over 10 days from  21st March 2019 through to 30th March 2019.   Over the 10 days we would like you to 100 kms – this can be 10 kms per day, or one day walk 5 kms and another do 15 kms – the choice is yours.  Then get your friends/ colleague’s/ random strangers to sponsor you – it as easy as that.

If you want to be involved, or know of another charity who would like to be involved please email info@michellerichmondfoundation.org and we can talk more.

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