Whine Walk & Wine

Sunset over the Bay

Whine Walk Wine is for small business owners to come together at the end of the week and have a chat while doing the 7 kms Bay Walk. The treat at the end is a glass of wine or two.

Earlier this year, I started meeting other small business owners/ friends for a walk around the bay on Friday nights, we would always finish with a glass of wine (sometimes more). We discovered it was a great way to start the weekend. Not only did you get to have catchup with a friend, but you also got to download from a crappy week or celebrate a great week and start the weekend off right, leaving the week behind.

We are inviting others to join us.

Let’s meet at the Rainbow Serpent, Cnr South Street and Henley Marine Drive, Drummoyne at 6.00pm. We will start by doing the Bay Walk where you will have time to download from the week, workshop new idea or just make new contacts. There will be no hard selling, it is all very informal.

The walk usually takes just over an hour, but it no race we will walk at the pace the group demands. Drinks will be at the WaterShed Kitchen.

Reserve your spot by registering below – 

30th November 2018
14th December 2018 

Stay tuned for dates starting in January 2019

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