10 kms a day can be done!

I am very excited that the Michelle Richmond Foundation website has gone live and that we have officially launched the 100 kms for 100 kids.

I have been talking about the 100 kms event for a while now and the thing that always comes up is how do you walk 10 kms a day?

In this world where we are all time poor, this can be hard, but some days it just happens.  I do make time in my day to walk as it helps me relax and clear my head.  Usually I pack my walking clothes in my car and stop on the way home. I do a 5kms walk which can take between ½ hour and ¾ hour. Add that to a normal day of walking, between meetings, around the office talking on mobile, etc then 10 kms can easily become a reality.

The other day – I clocked up 6.50 kms and I didn’t do a big walk, it was just what I clocked up by the end of the day.

My day went something like this –

  • First thing I went to Yoga, – so I walked the 12 minutes up to Yoga, after the class I walked home – that was 1 kms.
  • I went for a walk at lunch, running errands, ended up with a ½ hour walk, and I covered 3kms (I walk slower in high heels)
  • A client wanted to have a debrief so instead of going for coffee we walked around a large block, this cleared her head and she was calmer, another 1 kms
  • Got home and had to walk the dog and go to the shops, walking up there and another 1.5 kms done. 

These extra Kms, only take about 10-15 minutes each time, so I am not spending chunks of time walking but moving my body at intervals during the day, which is now proven to have a range of health benefits.   

Ask yourself where can YOU add more KMs during the day?

Want to join us on the 100kms for 100 kids, please register and keep in contact.