Still Walking….

Visit to the Skin Dr had unforeseen circumstances.

Wow what an end to the year! December has just flown by, what with all the corporate parties, catching up with friends, actually getting some work done and Christmas, it is one of those months that is just busy.


This year was a little different, in all the mayhem I managed to get to the skin specialist for my normal skin check- up. I am one of those very fair people, freckles all over and a tan to me means turning a different shade of red! When I was a kid my Mum always encouraged me to “get outside and get some colour”.  But this check-up didn’t go according to plan!

I have been watching a spot on my face for some time, make -up makes it disappear but it had gotten to the stage that I thought I should see somebody about it.  The Dr was very through, checking all my freckles and moles.  I ended up having 5 possible suspects burnt off my face, 2 on my arms and another 2 that were really suspect which had to be biopsied and sent away for testing.  What I thought was a normal check-up turned into burned spots all over my face, and 2 spots with stitches – the Dr didn’t think it was funny when I asked for a paper bag (to go over my head) so I could enter the world and continue with my day!

I still went out, and people would ask me what had happened, I just said Skin Dr and I got the nod of approval.   Living in Australia we all know somebody who has had a run in with the Skin Dr!

About 5 days later, first thing one morning I got the call from the Dr, the leg one had come back all clear, it was just an ugly mole, but the one I was worried about, turned out to be cancerous.  What a shock, not the news I was expecting, all I heard was spot on leg OK and one of face is cancerous – he did say a lot of other words too, but all I could think of was the C word!

I must admit it did send me into a little tail spin, and I didn’t do very well at work that day, it took me a couple of days to process this information.  Back to the Dr’s I went, got the stiches out and I was told my options.  Good news is I can still have our planned beach holiday as I am waiting for the current wound to heal.  In a couple of weeks, I will start putting a cream on my face which will hopefully burn the cancer out this will take about 6 weeks, during this time I will have to limit my sun exposure.  

This doesn’t mean I am giving up walking, far from it. I am still walking BUT this year I am wearing a wide brim hat, 50 spf sunscreen and trying to keep my face protected at all times. I will be celebrating the fact I am the palest person on the beach!

If you do see any spots on your body that you are not too sure off, go get them checked – you just never know.